The Holy Spirit is not a new and recent topic just belonging to the world of the modern-day Christian.  The writer R.T. Kendall at his ordination as a church minister was asked by his mentor to tell his congregation everything he knew about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament.  This reminds me of all of those awkward job interview questions that I was not prepared for and have been asked over the years. I would blurt out what seemed right at the time, only being properly answered in my head on the way home. However, once R.T.  had recovered his balance after being put on the spot, he went back to the very beginning of world and biblical history and spoke about the role of the Holy Spirit in creation.

God the Father spoke the creation into being, and the Holy Spirit “hovered over the waters”, Gen 1:2. The Holy Spirit is seen as completing, filling, and giving life to God’s creation.

Similarly, Job the man of suffering in the Old Testament declared, “The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the almighty gives me life”, Job 33:4. The Hebrew word used for Spirit is ruach, which can also mean breath, or wind.  This speaks to me of a mighty wind rushing over the face of the newly created physical world spoken into being by the father, and the physical is then made alive by the breath of God.

The Holy Spirit is still active in creation right now, he is still creating, making old things new, bringing life from death, joy from sadness, hope from despair.  Every time a baby is born the Spirit of God breathes life into it. Indeed, it was he who “knit me together in my mother’s womb” (Psalm 139:13). So, as I live and walk each day, I remind myself that it is the Holy Spirit within me that has created, and brings life to my physical body.