What is vindication? Are you the person who will stop a conversation mid-flow so you can use your phone to find a source to back up your argument/point? Or maybe you like saying the phrase “I told you so” after a warning is unheeded. Vindication means to prove to be right, reasonable or justified. Ever felt like you heard something from God but it seems like He’s forgotten you? The trouble there, is that we can unwittingly begin to try to ‘make it happen’, to ‘help God along’, because instead of trusting and being patient, we want to be proven to be right.

The story of Joseph is one that many are familiar with. A young man has strange dreams about the future. He sees a day when his older brothers will bow before him and he shares this dream – which causes him to be alienated from his family and eventually sold into servitude. As a servant he works hard, is given much responsibility and trust, and is then falsely accused of rape and thrown into the prison reserved for the prisoners of the king. There is a glimmer of hope when he interprets some dreams for some prisoners, but he is forgotten. Eventually, he has the opportunity of interpreting the dreams of the king, who then makes Joseph his second in command saying “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” As there is a famine across the world, and because of Joseph’s position in Egypt, his brothers make the journey to get food and fulfill the dream – they all bow before him without knowing that it’s him.
Note, as tempting as it probably was, Joseph didn’t shout “Aha! I told you so” although admittedly he did play around with them for a bit first before revealing who he was to them.

Were they his dreams? Or where they given to him from the Holy Spirit? Is it your ideas/words that you’re holding on to? Or are they His?
The idea for today is this – not so much that the Holy Spirit will vindicate you, but that He will vindicate what He has said.

We must be patient, and we must put our trust in Him. Joseph waited for a long time – but the dreams were proved to be right.