Really, the Holy Spirit gives talent?  So why are there so many seriously talented people who don’t believe in God , Jesus or the Holy Spirit?  That just doesn’t seem to make sense. Let me try to explain.

God’s goodness is to everybody whether they are saved or not.  Matt 5:45 ‘He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous’ In the same way he gives talent to people whether saved or not saved.  We often refer to them as our natural talents or natural abilities nonetheless the Spirit of God is responsible for them.

We see this early in the Old Testament with a man called Bezalel. He had an ability and knowledge in all kinds of crafts – to make artistic designs for work in gold or silver and bronze, he could work in wood and engaged in all kinds of craftsmanship (Exod 31:3-5). Where did all this talent come from? Moses asked the Lord that exact question and the Lord replied that he had chosen Bezalel son of Uri to be filled with the Spirit of God, with skill, ability and knowledge.

We all have the talent God gives us. Most young boys or girls want to become professional footballers, music artists or famous actors or actresses. Few make it as they don’t have talent in these specific areas. Some become office workers, truck drivers, doctors or teachers. Whatever our given talent it’s important to thank God for his goodness and for what he has given us. By the grace of God I am what I am (1 Cor.15:10). You have the blessed Spirit of God to thank for everything good in your life.

Today, let’s ask Holy Spirit to remind us how great God is!  Thank you for all the things you give us because you love us. You put in our path, our natural abilities and gave us the talent we have. We may not all be superstars in the world’s eyes but in your eyes we are exactly who you made us to be.

For some, the talent you have been given might be to encourage others, for some the talent you have been given might be to provide care or support for someone in need. If you have struggled to identify what talent Holy Spirit has given you why not ask him to reveal it to you today.

In Jesus’ name, amen