RT Kendall speaks about a time as a young man of 19 leading his first church. As the youngest adult in the congregation and only previously preached 5 sermons he felt inadequate and insignificant to deliver sermons to his church. It was more than 50 years later that he was to learn that one of his messages impacted a young girl who surrendered her life to Jesus and follow Him and that was only one story he got to hear about, there are probably numerous more.

I’ve found in my own experience of the Holy Spirit speaking through me that rarely I find out in the moment. It’s often days, months or even years later that you learn of the impact of what was said or done. Be encouraged that just because you don’t hear that God is speaking or has spoken through what you have said or done certainly doesn’t mean you are not impacting your world.

I’ve learnt too that it’s not just spoken words but our actions that speak into the lives we meet. I was busy setting up Church some years ago and the pastor and his wife walked through the doors and I had a strong urge to have a group hug with them which took them by surprise, I learnt days later they had just stepped out of a character assassination situation and the action I’d taken put them back together and restored their trust in people. Don’t limit the Holy Spirit speaking through you in words only.

Sometimes we can overthink whether the Holy Spirit is speaking through us so as we daily walk with God, reading, praying, loving and sharing the treasure within us, God’s promise is that at the given moment when we don’t know what to say the Holy Spirit will fill our mouths as we open to speak. John 10v19 “When you are put on the spot, don’t worry about how to respond or what to say. God will give you the right words at the right time”.  The picture I get in my mind’s eye is chicks waiting in their nest with their mouths wide open waiting to be filled.

Remember: just because you’ve not had feedback is no indication that God is not using us all to speak words of comfort, life, wisdom & understanding into the lives of others. One day whether here or when we meet our Saviour our works & words will be revealed.

Paul Goodship