What do you see?

Before the nation of Israel went into the land that God had promised them, Moses sent twelve men to scout it on a reconnaissance mission. The scouts all reported back but there was a marked difference between what ten of the spies saw compared to the remaining two (although initially it seems that only Caleb brought back a positive report – Numbers 13:30-31, 14:24). Caleb and Joshua said that, despite the fact the human opposition looked daunting, the nation of Israel could take the land with God’s help (Numbers 14:7).

Ten men saw the probability of defeat because they viewed the situation through their own ability and strength. Two men saw the inevitability of success because they viewed the situation through the ability and strength of the God who was with them and working for their good.

Here is the ‘take home’: The Holy Spirit wants to give us visions of what is ahead. He wants us to catch a glimpse of what God the Father has in store for our lives. But we will not enter into the potential of that vision if we view what He shows us through our weaknesses and inability. He wants us to view what He shows us through His strength and ability and desire to make it our reality.

What are you focussing on when God shows you what’s ahead?

Dave Akerman