Reading through scripture it’s clear the Holy Spirit desires to act on our behalf, show up and be present in our very lives. Zechariah 4:6 describes how God shows up, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord Almighty.

God works supernaturally by His Spirit and the great news is that He wants to partner with us as He fulfils His purposes in our generation. So how do we partner with Him? Simply put, our part is to obey Him and the Holy Spirit will do the rest.

One November day back in 2015 at exactly 11am, I felt the Holy Spirit tell me to pray. Since I had no idea what to pray about, I started to pray in tongues, my heavenly language. After around 30 minutes I stopped praying and carried on with my day as usual. Exactly 12 hours later at 11pm, again I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to look outside. As I did I found two armed and masked men breaking into our home. One of them looked at me and at that moment pulled another guy out of our house and they fled as fast as they could off our property. We were left confused as to their behaviour, but then I remembered some 12 hours earlier the prompting of the Holy Spirit to pray.

I am convinced that in my prayer language that day, I was calling upon the armies of heaven to protect us as a family, despite not knowing what was to come later on that night.

There are many incidents in the Bible where God asks His people to do things that may seem out of the box, slightly ridiculous perhaps, or just things that didn’t make sense at the time. I think of Moses getting across the Red Sea and being asked to simply raise his staff. Joshua being told to walk around the city walls of Jericho for days and blow trumpets. Jehoshaphat to call the singers in at the height of battle. The point is that heaven’s intervention came when God’s people said YES to what seemed ridiculous in the natural or didn’t make sense at the time.

That’s what partnering with the Holy Spirit looks like. It’s supernatural, in other words not something that can be explained at a natural level.

You can imagine my conversation with the Police department that night back in 2015!
What an exciting journey it is when we partner with the Holy Spirit. There is so much more to encounter of Him, and so much more to come.

Esther Daniels