Do you ever feel that integrity is disappearing? I certainly do, when over the last few months we have been bombarded with fake news, political spin and conspiracy theories.

How many people do you meet every day that are genuinely honest and you know that what they say is what Francis Schaeffer calls ‘True Truth’?

In my role I often help charities explore their organisational values, as part of this process many people will say they believe their core values include trust, honesty and integrity. I am sorry to say that for many of these organisations these were just words and were not backed up with real evidence.

However the God of the bible we believe in has complete integrity; it is so comforting and alien to our usual experiences when the bible says in Hebrews 6vs18 that it is impossible for God to lie. Jesus himself calls the Holy Spirit the Spirit of truth and it is this Spirit that indwells us. In comparison John 8vs44 says about the Devil. “When he lies, it is consistent with his character, for he is a liar and the father of lies”.

Truth is something that would seem to be so important to us, we seek it out in people and we are drawn to it, but also something which we seem to find hard and in short supply.

The world is crying out for truth, it is crying out for the real deal. We have that truth inside us when we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us and active within what we do – “You have an anointing from the Holy one and all of you know the truth” 1 John 2 20.  If we have the Holy Spirit inside us we will be drawn to truth and will believe that the bible is totally true. As a result because truth and honesty is now rooted inside us and flows out from us people will be drawn as a result, to Jesus.  I feel a need to challenge all of us today to examine what we say and how we live.  Is it always true Truth?  If like me you are aware that sometimes we can be a little economic with the truth, the answer is clear. We need more of the Holy Spirit, as his Spirit flows into us and through us we are changed, we become more and more like Jesus.

Dave Packwood