I think being on lockdown has taught us many things. We have learned more about ourselves, our relationships and our God. The time spent staying in and looking inward allowed the Holy Spirit to teach us things we needed to know, and some things we had forgotten.
As a teacher myself I am aware of my failings in the classroom – my lack of timing, patience and focus. However, the Holy Spirit as a teacher has impeccable timing, He deals incredibly patiently with us and He is intently focussed on making us more like Christ.

RT Kendall speaks about how the Holy Spirit can teach us things directly and indirectly. Direct teaching from the Holy Spirit tends to be with greater rarity, at least that was my experience up until these last few months when the closer I have gotten to God, the more He has spoken in my ear through His Spirit. I don’t mean an audible voice – that is very rare – I mean with a thought placed in your mind, completely without reference to what you may have previously been thinking about. Sometimes it was a prompt to pray for somebody, sometimes to ring somebody, and other times it was a thought for the day to share more widely.

The more common way the Holy Spirit teaches us however, is indirectly. RT Kendall speaks at greater length about this method. This refers to the way the Holy Spirit applies what we see or hear. This can be through what we see when we read God’s Word, or what we hear when we listen to the preaching of God’s Word. He can also speak to us indirectly through a hymn, poem, blog, programme or movie. I remember watching Superman Returns at the cinema in 2006 and being so amazed with how replete it was with Christian references that I wrote a tract about it!

All the above methods can be described as ‘plan A’. However, if ‘plan A’ is not working, God will move to ‘plan B’. This is more of a disciplinary approach and can involve anything from sickness or sorrow to loss of face, friends or finances. It could even be something miraculous, as Jonah discovered with the big fish!

All good teachers should lead us to truth, and the Holy Spirit leads us to all truth, and ultimately to He that said He was the Truth, and the Way and the Life – Jesus. Christ explained this ahead of time to His disciples in John 14:26, “the Holy Spirit… will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”
So today, ask God to teach you through His Spirit, and through the Spirit’s prompting as you read God’s Word. And pray for a teachable demeanour that is willing to be moulded by God’s Word, God’s way and God’s will.

Paul Sparks