Any reliable messenger will pass on a message as accurately and directly as possible, no space for Chinese whispers! The great news is that as followers of Jesus we can hear from him and he can talk to us. We can be confident that whatever it is that Holy Spirit says to us as followers of Jesus that it has come from the Father, as the Holy Spirit only speaks what The Father gives him to say.

I love the way the Passion Translation explains this access we have to the Father, by The Holy Spirit: “And now, because we are united to Christ, we both have equal and direct access in the realm of the Holy Spirit to come before the Father!” Ephesians 2:18 TPT

RT Kendell puts it like this “The Spirit does nothing without the green light from the throne of grace – what to say, where to go, when to heal, when to reply.”

This hotline to heaven is demonstrated in Acts 16:6 when Paul is on his 2nd missionary journey. He wanted to go to a place called Bithynia, but The Father had another plan. The Father saw a place called Philippi where He wanted Paul, Silas, Luke and Timothy to plant the first church in Europe. The bible says that “The Holy Spirit” would not allow them to go a certain way (Acts 16:7). I wonder how God did that? Was it an obstacle of circumstance, something they felt Holy Spirit say during a time of prayer, or was it that peace we have when we know when we have made a God honouring call? However it was communicated, that church planting team knew exactly where they were meant to be and followed the leading of The Holy Spirit who was communicating to them the will of the father.

We can be confident as followers of Jesus that the Holy Spirit will only ever instruct us in line with the will of The Father. LifeChurch family, rejoice that we have such access to the will of God the Father by the Holy Spirit. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Col 1:27 (NIV) Let’s have our ears and eyes open to what The Father wants to say to us today, by The Holy Spirit