I don’t think it’s a coincidence that someone saw this title and thought of me!

I’ve always been concerned about my memory. I was nine when I first realised that I sometimes found it hard to hold numbers or tasks in my head! I can remember the narrative but cannot hold lyrics, script lines or quotes at all. When shopping I will work hard to hold three items in my fragile memory… Add a fourth and anything might happen! Lists and reminders make my day to day life possible. I do recall struggling to learn Bible verses by rote in Sunday School – even now I will turn to Nick or Google to find verses I know are in the Bible somewhere!!

As a teenager I remember first finding out that the Holy Spirit reminds us of things we may have forgotten… I recall the absolute sense of relief!! Pressure lifted from me and I have felt the gentle reminders from the Holy Spirit again and again over the years. It’s simply knowing that seemingly ‘unprompted’ thoughts that occur to you may in fact be prompted after all!

I have continued to read the Bible every day and listen to sermons. I make notes but I rest assured that He is there to bring back to my attention things that I could not recall in my own power. I once heard a pastor tell a story of a woman who said to him that she was going to stop reading her Bible because she couldn’t remember anything she read. He replied “I can’t remember what I had for breakfast last week but I know that it did me good”.

The Holy Spirit can only remind you of what you’ve received. It’s our responsibility to continue to immerse ourselves in the Bible.

‘Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.‘ Psalm 119v105

It’s the Word and the Spirit together in our lives. I rest in the fact that God uses me in my weakness… I can rely on His strength to work through me.

Lisa McDavid