When I hear the word ‘Power’, I think of that feeling when an aeroplane takes off or when you are in a fast car and the driver accelerates pinning you back in the seat. Power is the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way.

It took me years to realise that power is an active word in church. My previous experience of church was quite a long boring sermon with similar hymns in between. Nothing really grabbed my attention and made me realise the power of the Holy Spirit. I now understand, acknowledge and respond to the Holy Spirit. I know that the same power that raised Christ from the dead is at work in me (Romans 6:10-11). I know where the power comes from and that His power is at work in me.

When I read the gospels and Acts, I see the moments when Holy Spirit gave power to the disciples and they were able to do miraculous things such as when Peter healed the crippled beggar (Acts 3:1-12). But how does this power come to us? How can we use this awesome resource that is available to us on a daily basis?

One great example of us using this on a daily basis that I heard recently is to ‘inspire’, we know the word ‘motivate’, to motivate implies that you are pushing someone into doing something that they don’t always want to do. However, to inspire is as the breakdown of the word shows IN SPIRIT, pulling out of someone what is already inside them. What a wonderful way to look at this word we might hear regularly.

When we listen to the Holy Spirit and inspire someone then we see amazing power produced. We have the ability to change a person’s whole day by filling them with an urge or ability to do something. And we all know we have this power; we have all seen the fruit of when we have said a few positive words of encouragement. You can literally see the person change; a new look appears on their face and they begin to believe they can do that thing. This is particularly true with children but more and more I see it with adults of all ages and backgrounds.

At the Vine ministry we want to see homeless people restored to society we share the gospel of Jesus with them and we work with them to get them back on their feet. The acts of kindness and spending time are fuelled with positive words and encouragement. The use of this power of the Holy Spirit should not go unheeded.

So, the encouragement today is to use the power of the Holy Spirit to inspire all of those around us. Let us fill people with positive words showing their abilities and watch as the Holy Spirit transforms that person. It is so attractive, those people will come back for more because you are unusual. They will notice you. And we can all do it, let it lead to longer conversations seasoned with stories of Jesus and his blessing through difficult and also wonderful times

Jeremy Davies