For Christians who don’t believe in miracles happening today, simply ask: how do you describe the event of your salvation then?

Their answer will probably reveal if they were (and still are) trying to earn God’s favour by their works.

When YOU accepted Jesus into your heart, He had already wooed you by the Holy Spirit. He had already directed your paths to the glorious life and teachings of Jesus Christ either through someone else, through the Word or through your own ponderings. You are right to wonder: why me and not……[…]?

It is a great mystery- to me as an evangelist- why DO some accept what I say and (sometimes) break down in repentance, whilst others outright reject it as myth?

To me, it is evidence the job is not for the evangelist to “save”. After all, the message is the same but the response can be polar opposite!!

Why? Because the Holy Spirit can a) be at work before I turn up sometimes, b) be moving as I proclaim the Gospel and the recipient opens their heart or c) there is hardness of heart and what I say may even make it harder, or adversely, soften it till the next witness comes along- and they get the joy of seeing the salvation. What I must always remember is: It’s always God’s impeccable timing, not mine.

John 6:44 “No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them.”

So, your Salvation was a miracle instigated by Father God through the Holy Spirit pointing you to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

With spiritual eyes, in prayer ask God to direct you to people ripe for the harvest; or people who need the seed sown in their hearts for the first time (be prepared they may not make the commitment there and then) or finally, ask God to woo and soften the hearts of those who you love but whose heart is hardened.

In this way, we cooperate in the GREAT COMMISSION of God on earth and what could more adventurous than that?!!!

Allison Sutton