We all want to do things right don’t we? I think that applies to our prayers as well as to the rest of our life. What I definitely don’t mean by that is that we have to use long fancy theological words, like Jesus accused the Pharisees of doing. I fact if I did a check of my prayers to see what I pray, then the one that I pray most often is, “Lord please help me”. Its four words long and quite difficult to make overly spiritual. What God our father is looking for is simply for us to pray in his will. So, if we want to ‘pray right’ then what we need to do is to pray in his will.

That must be easy, right? Not necessarily, the Apostle Paul found it difficult to do this but he encourages us by telling us that the Holy Spirit helps us in our weaknesses when we don’t know what to pray, Romans 8:26-27. In fact, Paul uses the word “intercedes” of the Holy Spirit, which means to intervene on behalf of another, i.e. us. This is utterly amazing to think that the Holy Spirit would do this for us, that he intervenes in God’s throne-room directly to the father on our behalf. I love the idea of the Holy Spirit praying for me.

There is more! The Holy Spirit helps us pray, and I believe that this happens in two main ways. Firstly, if when we set ourselves aside to pray, rather than launching into praying for those things that we think we need, or our feelings tell us to, we ask the Holy Spirit to show us what we should pray for. The great prayer warrior Rees Howells made a point of doing this. I can recommend the book ‘Rees Howells Intercessor’ if you are looking for something to read.

Secondly, he gives us the gift of tongues which enables us to express ourselves in prayer when we run out of words or don’t know how to pray in English. Paul describes it as praying in the Spirit, i.e. according to his will.

So, if the Holy Spirit helps us pray, then we will always pray in the will of God. Let’s ask him for his help!