Thank you for taking the time to read the blogs that have been prayed over and prepared over the last 40 days. Each one has highlighted and taught us about the Holy Spirit and His work on the earth and in our lives today.

 The Church! That is why the Holy Spirit was sent, He came for The Church, me and you as followers of Christ. He came for the church because God designed it that He The Holy Spirit would fill us to empower us to live this life of following Jesus.

 These last 6 months have been enriching and challenging for me. Enriching in that I have spent much time with my wife and 5 children and feel like I know them better than ever. Challenging in that I have missed rubbing shoulders with the Church, the body of Christ. The BIG 4: fellowship, prayer, breaking of bread and learning about the teaching of Jesus are by nature spiritual disciplines that we do best TOGETHER. I have missed that.

 September will present the church with new challenges and opportunities. Maybe this last period has seen you in hibernation? We must all now be fully awakened again to the direction and agenda the Holy Spirit wants to lead us in next.

 I was by the sea shore at the beach yesterday and saw a small white boat with its sails at full stretch, ready to catch the wind that it might be propelled in the direction that the skipper had in mind. As I have reflected upon that scene over the last 24 hours I have felt the Lord saying to me and us as a LifeChurch community to BE READY. BE AWAKE. Position your life SAILS UP and ready to catch the wind of The Holy Spirit as He leads us into what is next. Be awake in PRAYER, be awake in SERVING, be awake in GIVING, be awake in caring for your church COMMUNITY, be awake in SHARING Jesus. LifeChurch let’s be awake. SAILS UP and ready!