In the month of February we are encouraging our whole church family to pray for their street.  During lockdown there are restrictions on the things we are able to do but we are encouraged to take exercise each day. As you take your exercise pray for your street.

Prayer walking is stepping out and praying for the community on your street as you walk.

To register your street please type your street name in the box and click praying – we will mark your street on our ‘Walk Your Street’ prayer map

“Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon I have given to you, just as I promised to Moses.”
Joshua 1:3

To help you to pray as you prayer walk your street use the acronym WALK:


As you set off walking begin with your eyes on Jesus. Say the name of Jesus; recite a Psalm; hum a worship song; speak quietly in tongues – basically anything that helps declare the Lordship of Jesus over the streets you walk on.


A – ask

Flowing from your worship begin petitioning God for His Spirit to fall on the streets you walk on. Consider the homes, schools, shops or church buildings you walk past. Begin to get specific and pray for people and situations, the people of peace you know God has brought you into contact with, those who are opening up doors of opportunity for the gospel within your community. Pray that people will come to know Jesus.


l – listen

As you worship and pray, leave space to listen to what God might want to say to you – then pray that back. Often God may give you promises from scripture or prophetic words and pictures; listen for promises and literally walk these promises all over your community. If you are prayer-walking in twos, listen to one another’s prayers and you will find yourself sparking off one another’s words and thoughts.


k – know

Get (and keep) yourself informed around the area you are prayer-walking; research some of its history; some of its ongoing problems; so you can pray for breakthrough. Get to know some of the current situations that require persevering prayer and also celebrate the particular graces that rest on the area, asking God to make your area a blessing beyond its borders.