LifeChurch is a community of Christians who are fully committed to following the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and to establishing healthy, vibrant and spiritually dynamic churches in the North, South, East, and West of our town.

We uphold all of the fundamental teachings of the Bible. We seek to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that we do. We are faithful to the pattern of church we read about in the New Testament. We enthusiastically invest in our children and young people. We are committed to building healthy relationships and strong families. We embrace people as they are and love them unconditionally. And we believe that a healthy church is not only where God is accurately talked about but encountered.

LifeChurch Warrington is part of the Assemblies of God UK and holds to their statement of faith.

Lead Pastors

Lukas and Sarah have been the Lead Pastors at Life Church Warrington since 2013.  They have five children aged 9-19 and have lived in Warrington for over 20 years.  Lukas graduated from the Bible College of Wales in Swansea in 1992 and more recently gained an Masters in Missional Leadership through the University of Wales. Sarah studied music at Birmingham University and is a qualified school teacher.  

What is an Acts 2:42 church?

If you were to ask us what type of church we are, we would say, “an Acts 2:42 church.” This short phrase sums up our vision for what we believe a church should be, and it points to what we must value to maintain a healthy community. But what does it mean? God has always taught that for something to be spiritually successful, it has to be done to His plan. And we at LifeChurch believe we can see much of God’s plan and pattern for successful church in the pages of the book of the Bible called Acts. But more specifically, we believe that Acts chapter 2:42 and the few verses that follow it provide insight into the necessary attributes of a successful church.

An Acts Two-Forty-Two church is one that consciously builds itself on the way we see the Christian community is gathered, governed and grown in Acts 2:42 and the following verses, but also draws from the rest of the book of Acts to understand how God wants to further the establishment of His Kingdom on earth. This is not to the detriment of the rest of the Bible. This merely recognises the role Acts plays as an accurate historical overview of how churches can thrive in a challenging world, where Christian teaching is woven into the stories of faith to help distil timeless truth in a very relatable way.

The following seven attributes of church taken from Acts 2:42-47 detailed below are the ones we feel are of fundamental importance. These are the principles the text says the first church “devoted” themselves to.


The very first Christian leaders were called Apostles and they taught about who Jesus was, how Jesus lived, and what Jesus said and did. And at LifeChurch it is this same “Apostles’ teaching”, as revealed in the Bible, that provides the foundation for our beliefs and our practices today. We believe that if we keep our teaching anchored in the teachings of Jesus, like the very first church, that we will experience God’s blessing on all that we say and do.


At the centre of the times that the first church came together was a simple meal that the Bible calls “breaking bread.” This meal provided the opportunity to teach about Jesus’ death, his resurrection, and his promised return. Today we call this Communion, and take the opportunity regularly to replicate these moments in an authentic, life-giving and instructional way.


Church was never meant be a solo performance. But for many years, the most important ministry and leadership roles have often only ever done by one or two specially trained people. At LifeChurch Warrington however, we seek to engage every member of our community in the running of LifeChurch and in the amazing privilege of ministry to one another. We believe that every Christian is called to operate in a priestly way in the church.


The way we use our money and our resources provides an insight into what we value. And because at LifeChurch we value God’s plan to reach the world with the good news about Jesus and to support the needy and the vulnerable, we use 50% of our income to achieve these things. So half of our total budget is outwardly focussed.


The church that does life together grows together. At LifeChurch, we not only delight ourselves in God and His teaching to us, but also in our relationships with His people. The church community seen in the pages of the Bible was one of authentic, committed and loving friendships, and this is the type of church we purpose to be.


Christians have incredible spiritual power available to them when they pray. And we at LifeChurch believe that, like the first church experienced, when we pray for our own needs and the needs of others, it involves God into our situations in a spectacular way. For this reason, prayer is of the highest importance to us and is woven into everything we do.


The very first church grew dramatically not only as a result of Christians talking about Jesus as the saviour of the world, but also because of the love of God the Father in their hearts and their experience of the Holy Spirit’s power in their lives. And at LifeChurch, we not only want to be growing in our relationship with Jesus as our Lord and God as our Father, but also in seeing the miracle working power of God the Holy Spirit at work.

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